How I Started Writing

If I had known what a buzz I would get from writing, I would have taken it up years ago!  But then again, I wouldn’t have had time for it before I retired.

My first forays into writing were more by accident than design.  I had a cat who suffered from recurring urinary infections and she was miserable all the time.  As a Biochemistry graduate with some experience in research, I decided I was going to solve this problem and I did!  I designed a programme for my cat, Trig, which mainly involved what food I fed her and how, along with a number of dietary supplements.  Within a few weeks, she was back to her normal self and I decided I would share my new found information with other cat owners.  Initially I was going to put it online for free, but having reflected that nobody ever appreciated anything that they got free, I put it on sale, initially as an iBook for €5, but later as a physical book for the same price.  Since then I have sold a surprisingly large number of them and have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of cats out there with urinary problems and also many concerned cat owners.

I have also written a novel called “Vanished” and a collection of short stories about people with Alzheimer’s and their families, called “Thanks for the Memories”, but you will have to wait for future posts to hear about them.  Unless of course you want to check out my website, I 

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