Online Aptitude Test Preparation Course for Mature Nursing Entry

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Cost: €80

If you are 23 or over and interested in a career in nursing, you will know that the mature route into nursing involves sitting a computer based assessment in April. This preparatory course provides students with relevant sample questions and the guidance necessary to complete them.


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  • 18 Computer Based Tests 6 Verbal Reasoning, 6 Numerical Reasoning, 3 Numerical Ability and 3 Job Simulation
  • 9 Videos – these explain how to do the tests and give tips on how to improve speed and accuracy.
  • 16 Downloadable Documents – Powerpoint demonstrations of the videos, a list of tests and a list of videos.



 Are you 23 or over?

 Is it your dream to become a nurse in Ireland?

The above course could be the first step in achieving this dream.

Better still, you can complete it without leaving your home.


If you are 23 or over and interested in a career in nursing, you will know that the mature route into nursing involves sitting a computer based assessment in April, consisting of three aptitude tests.  Only those applicants who achieve above a certain score in this assessment will be considered for an offer as a mature code applicant.  Unless there is a considerable amount of preparation done for these tests, most candidates would have little chance of achieving the required score.  While preparation from books will help to a certain extent, a preparation course where students are provided with relevant sample questions and guided to complete them with speed and accuracy can be much more effective.




Some features of this online course:

  1. A high percentage of students who complete the course achieve a third level place in nursing each year.
  2. This is the only course available which provides computer based tests which can be completed at any time and in any place where WiFi is available.
  3. The course consists of 9 videos, 18 practice tests and 16 downloadable documents.
  4. All tests are computer based.  Immediately, on clicking Submit, the following information will be provided for each question in that test – whether each answer is correct or incorrect, the correct answer and an explanation as to why it is  the correct answer, allowing the learner to see their mistake if they got it wrong.
  5. Learners can repeat each test as often as they wish, each time receiving the above feedback. This will allow learners to become proficient in this method of assessment.
  6. All learners will be provided with the tutor’s contact details and are encouraged to ring or e-mail her if they have any questions.
  7. This format cuts out the cost and inconvenience of travelling to a particular venue.
  8. It also provides the convenience of completing the tests at the most suitable times for the learner.
  9. You can complete the tests on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  10. When you pay for the course online, it may take up to 2 days to receive the material.




The course costs €80 in total which includes all the tests, answers etc, as described above, the guiding videos and access to the tutor for clarification of anything required.


The Team


  • BSc in Science and Mathematics.
  • Higher Diploma in Education.
  • Masters in Education, specialising in assessment.
  • 35 years of teaching a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics.
  • 25 years of co-ordinating and teaching Pre Nursing students, including helping them to prepare for the Mature Nursing Assessment when it was introduced.
  • 7 years experience of running this type of course, both online and face to face courses.
  • A personal approach to the course whereby people who purchase the course are given Susan’s contact details and encouraged to contact her if they have any queries.
  • Three published books and a fourth book being published by an international publisher.



  • BSc in Computing in Games Development
  • 11 years of teaching a wide range of subjects in the areas of computing, graphic design & games development
  • 9 years of co-ordinating and teaching IT, Multimedia & Games students
  • 15 years of experience in providing IT and network consultancy and support
  • IT backend support to ensure that the online components of the course run smoothly



  • Director Of Training at Entrepreneurs Academy
  • Specialising in Leadership, Communication & Presentation Skills
  • IT / Social Media, Sales & Marketing

The Mature Nursing Entry Assessment 2021

This will be an online assessment involving remote proctoring (online monitoring).  It will take place between 22 and 28 April and each candidate may choose the most suitable time for them to complete it.  There will be three sections in the assessment – literacy, numeracy and job simulation.

In order to provide the best preparation for the assessment, 18 practice tests are provided on this course – 6 Verbal Reasoning, 3 Numerical Ability, 6 Numerical Reasoning and 3 Job Simulation.  Some of these tests were added in January 2021 to give candidates an even better chance of doing well in April.

Here is a summary of the material covered in the Practice Tests

Verbal Reasoning –  examines an applicant’s verbal proficiency and their ability to glean specific information from a wide source of materials.

Numerical Ability – explores the learner’s ability to manipulate numbers and carry out simple arithmetical calculations.

Numerical Reasoning –  investigates the candidate’s ability to find relevant information from passages, graphs, charts and tables involving numerical data, manipulate numbers and carry out arithmetical calculations.

Test 3 Job Simulation Exercise: This exercise presents the applicant with a number of scenarios of typical situations that could occur during the course of a nurse’s working life.  The candidate has to read these scenarios and answer a number of questions relating to them.  The aim of this part of the assessment is to gauge whether the applicant has the required qualities to make a good nurse or midwife.

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  • 18 Computer Based Tests 6 Verbal Reasoning, 3 Numerical Ability, 6 Numerical reasoning and 3 Job Simulation
  • 9 Videos – these explain how to do the tests and give tips on how to improve speed and accuracy.
  • 16 Downloadable Documents – Power Point demonstrations of the videos, Worksheets, a list of tests and a list of videos.

On completing each test you will be told – the number you scored correctly, the correct answer for each Question and an explanation for each correct answer.

Cost of Course: €80





  • Apply for this online course
  • Apply through the CAO for a number of types of nursing in a selection of colleges by February 1.
  • Keep an eye on the website.  From 15 April 2021, more information will be provided about the assessment, including practice tests.
  • Be well prepared for the tests which will take place between 22 and 28 April 2021.
  • Practice and learn from your mistakes.
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Ring Susan on 086 8807112


E-mail me on



This is a privately run business which is in no way connected to the Public Appointments Service (PAS).  The Assessment Test is run by PAS on behalf of An Bord Altranais.  All practice tests are designed in line with tests from previous years.  No responsibility can be taken for any future changes that may be made to the exam by PAS.  However, if such changes are made, we guarantee to provide additional material on new topics or formats, as we did in 2018.


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14 reviews for Online Aptitude Test Preparation Course for Mature Nursing Entry

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    I took the assessment last year without doing a course and I was really nervous. I wasn’t surprised when I got the results and found that I had not achieved the necessary score in any of the three tests. Having taken Susan’s preparation course this year, I felt really prepared and knew before I got the results that I had done well. I am now studying General Nursing.

  2. Aislinn (verified owner)

    Thank you, Susan. The course took the anxiety out of the assessment since we were so well prepared for the three tests. I was particularly worried about the Verbal section but I scored highly in all three tests and am now studying Mental Health Nursing.

  3. Pauline (verified owner)

    This course was time and money well spent. It brought me from being scared when I saw the first sample tests to being completely at ease on the assessment day and I got into my first choice of Mental Health Nursing in UCD.

  4. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This was a brilliant course and it helped me improve my confidence greatly so that I was not really nervous on the day of the assessment. I got my first choice of General Nursing in DkIT.

  5. Dearbhaille (verified owner)

    I actually enjoyed doing this course and found it very helpful, especially all the tips to improve speed and accuracy. It certainly paid off for me because I got my first choice of ID Nursing.

  6. Catherine (verified owner)

    I have always found Maths difficult and thought I would never pass the Numerical Interpretation section, but with Susan’s help and practising the tests over and over again on the computer, I got into Mental Health Nursing in DkIT

  7. Karin (verified owner)

    I would have been lost without Susan's training course. The aptitude tests are quite difficult, but with the additional training, I was taught how to interpret and navigate these questions. I also gained strategies on how to best perform during the allocated time periods, and how to get the highest possible score within these time frames. I found the course to be extremely beneficial and I got high scores in all three tests. I actually ended up not doing nursing, but taking my first choice, Occupational Therapy. Learning how to do the tests was great experience and I may use this knowledge in the future.

  8. 5 out of 5


    This was an amazing course! I took the test last year, without doing a course and passed the Job Simulation, but failed the Verbal Aptitude and Numerical Aptitude. With the help of the detailed lessons on the course, I now understand everything so much better! I am very confident now that I will not only pass each of the three tests, but get a high enough score to be offered my first choice, General Nursing in UCD.

  9. 5 out of 5


    I was planning to do a face to face course to help me prepare for the assessment in April, but then Covid came along And they all stopped running. I was relieved when a friend told me about Susan’s online course, although a little skeptical. That soon changed when I saw the video lessons and practice tests. They made everything clear and I was not surprised when I got my results – 171, the exact score last year for my first choice, Midwifery in TCD. Fingers crossed the points don’t go up! Anyway, it was money well spent!

  10. 5 out of 5


    I am delighted that I have been offered my first choice – ID nursing in DKIT. Thanks very much, Susan, for your help and knowledge in the run up to the exam and the excellent course that you run.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I had to wait for the second round of offers, but I was then offered my first choice – midwifery in Trinity! I never would have made it without Susan’s course.

  12. 5 out of 5


    This course was great! I got a score of 177 and was offered Midwifery in Trinity – my first choice! I can highly recommend it.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Aaron (verified owner)

    I am hoping to apply for nursing in the next academic year and having to sit the aptitude test for mature students has caused me a great deal of anxiety as I have been out of school for a number of years now. I enrolled on your course four weeks ago and it has already given me a great deal of confidence and insight into what the assessment actually entails. I carried out thorough research into other preparation courses for the assessment and am happy that I have chosen this one. It is a very accessible and easy to use course with explanations given in simple terms, allowing me to fully understand and comprehend what is expected of me in the assessment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering taking up a nursing career as a mature student.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Marta (verified owner)

    I am delighted I purchased this course, it’s being so helpful so far with explanations and examples, and the fact that it corrects with a click rather than having to check answer by answer. I feel that I am truly learning!

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