Susan McGovern
- Videos, Tests and Worksheets

  • BSc in Science and Mathematics.
  • Higher Diploma in Education.
  • Masters in Education, specialising in assessment.
  • 35 years of teaching a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics.
  • 25 years of co-ordinating and teaching Pre Nursing students, including helping them to prepare for the Mature Nursing Assessment when it was introduced.
  • 7 years experience of running this type of course, both online and face to face courses.
  • A personal approach to the course whereby people who purchase the course are given Susan’s contact details and encouraged to contact her if they have any queries.
  • Three published books and a fourth book being published by an international publisher.

Dwayne Daly
- IT Design and Support

  • BSc in Computing in Games Development
  • 11 years of teaching a wide range of subjects in the areas of computing, graphic design & games development
  • 9 years of co-ordinating and teaching IT, Multimedia & Games students
  • 15 years of experience in providing IT and network consultancy and support
  • IT backend support to ensure that the online components of the course run smoothly

Noel Davidson
- Web Design and Maintenance

  • Director Of Training at Entrepreneurs Academy
  • Specialising in Leadership, Communication & Presentation Skills
  • IT / Social Media, Sales & Marketing