The She Team

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They say every author is inspired to write by their own experiences, and for Dundalk writer Susan McGovern this is especially true.

All five animals in The She Team are based on family pets and Susan’s two grandchildren were the inspiration for the two main human characters. It is no wonder they seem so real!

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Five animals, four cats and a dog, all black and white, all female have two more things in common  – they have all been treated badly in different ways by a number of humans and they all have a super power which helps them to get away from the baddies.  Two kind brothers, nine year old Diarmuid and seven year old Eoghan rescue the cats Smig, Ebi, Trig and Roisin and the dog, Mags, over a period of time and persuade their parents to take them all into their home.

The animals do not like each other at first, but eventually Mags persuades the cats to abandon their differences and unite together to form The She Team.

Her encouraging words “Don’t get mad, get even!” convince them that they will work together to stop their tormentors from hurting other animals. They are confident that their superpowers will help them achieve their goal.

There follows a series of adventures where the animals carefully plan a number of campaigns and set out to bring the cruel people who hurt them to justice.  After much work, fun and hilarity they manage to save a large number of animals from further harm and in the process become great friends as well as working together as the She Team.


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4 reviews for The She Team

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kate O’Hanlon

    “The She Team,” by Susan McGovern.
    This is a delightful and thought-provoking book, suitable for children aged 5 to12. It will appeal especially to those many young people who love and respect animals and feel strongly about the need to protect them from cruelty and ill-treatment.
    The story is told by four cats and a dog who have been abused cruelly. They form the She Team to help them stand up for themselves and to act together to fend off the challenges of life.

    The writing is easily accessible by this age group and the illustrations are totally charming.
    It will provoke debate and discussion by young people who sympathise with the plight of animals who have no-one to look after them but ti also makes the point that the best person to help you is usually yourself.

    Strongly recommended.

    Kate O’Hanlon.

    Educational Consultant and Psychologist.
    May 2023.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Brid Rocks

    Read The She Team in one sitting. Great story about the 4 cats and Mags the dog who become The She Team and work together to resolve injustices they have encountered. Really enjoyed reading it and is definitely on my list of recommendations for children 9-12 and on my present list for friends’ children. Loved the illustrations too.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Thomas Gilbert, aged 12

    The She Team was great. I enjoyed the theme and the storyline. I loved Mags, as I have a dog and could imagine him in that role. I thought it was ingenious how the animals could use the internet! And I loved to see animals showing how clever they are and winning against some of the nasty humans who wanted to hurt them. I hope The She Team have to another adventure!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Bébhinn Harris, aged 10

    I really enjoyed this book so I gave it five stars. I read it all in one go because I couldn’t wait to see how it ended. I think the way that the animals all worked together against animal cruelty made it a great story. My favourite characters were Mags the dog and Ebi the cat.

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